Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WandAdapter 2.0 Complete

I have finally got around to taking some photos of the "completed" WandAdapter 2.0. Check them out below! I have yet to test the performance of the boards Ethernet and PCI-Express - but as soon as I do I'll post some results.

I plan on releasing the designs under an open source license soon - stay tuned!

WandAdapter 2.0 with attached Wandboard


  1. Hello, Is this board attaches a SO-DIMM form factor computer on module on one side and attach it to PCIe slot on the other side?

    1. Hi Raman, that is correct. Its for the EDM standard. The PCI express edge connector is connected the the pcie of the edm connector so a wandboard in EP mode could be used as a kind of peripheral.

  2. Thanks for answer Mitch. I'm coming from software world, so I'm not so much familiar with hardware design and boards. I was wondering, is this board able( with a SO-DIMM computr on module connected ) to run a linux independently, and then be inserted into the PCIe slot of a PC motherboard and then be able to send data back and forth from this PCIe slot between PC and this board?