Thursday, 25 September 2014

Prometeo, the next generation test bench for the tile calorimeter upgrade in ATLAS.

During Sep 9.-Sep12, the expert week of the tile calorimeter upgrade, the latest version of Prometeo GUI was published.  After several months designing and consulting from tile calorimeter users, the design has been fixed and working well.

Prometeo is the test bench for the tile calorimeter upgrade in 2022. It is a portable enclosure which is able to certify the tile calorimeter front-end electronics in the maintenance. Prometeo shares the same design of super read-out driver(sROD) and working at the LHC bunch crossing frequency.

The Prometeo GUI is an interface for experts and users to diagnose the front-end electronics. The interface is web and it calls python scripts in the back-end to control the main board in Prometeo. The whole program is running on CERN web service or a mini linux machine inside Prometeo.

The motivation of using the web interface is:
1) Compilation free
2) Compatible of different platforms, PAD, smartphone, or regular PC
3) Robustness in more than 10 years.
4) Compatible to CERN-ROOT software and easy for interface design.

The web interface is much easier than a regular GUI, like Qt/JavaSwing. It is often seen in some router software and it is used well in some HEP tools like MadGraph. The Prometeo GUI combines the web, python, IPbus hardware control together. It is a good mode for a light weight hardware control software.

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