Friday, 10 April 2015

New ADC daughter board for the ATLAS TileCal PROMETEO test-bench

An improved version of the ADC daughter board used in the PROMETEO test-bench has been in development at WITS. PROMETEO is the new test-bench system that will be used for the full certification of the upgraded front-end electronics of the ATLAS TileCal.

The board was developed to filter and digitise analog trigger signals coming from the front-end electronics of the TileCal. It makes use of two ADC571 chips to sample 16 differential analog signals at 40 MHz using a 12-bit resolution.  A Xilinx VC707 dev-board with a Virtex-7 FPGA is used for the control and data read-out of the ADC board. The 16 data channels to the FPGA have a combined data rate of 7680 Mbps.

This week we received the newly manufactured PCBs which have since been sent off for assembly. Once final testing is completed the new board will be fully integrated into the ATLAS system.

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