Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EDM Connector Altium Library

The Wandboard uses something called an EDM Connector to connect the mezzanine board to the base board. This connector is actually a standard MXM3.0 connector used by graphics cards in laptops. Some people over at have begun work on developing a standard that uses this connector for multimedia and other general signals - which is exactly why the Wandboard implements this standard! Download the PDF from their web site and check it out!

I was unable to find any schematic libraries on the internet for this connector, including in the Altium libraries! Thus, I was forced to make one. I'm making it available for free use - but if you improve it please share your improvements with me, and others. The footprint is based off both the Foxconn and JAE datasheets which can be found at Digi-Key and Future Electronics.

Note that the JAE connector will not work for the EDM standard as some of the E3 and E4 signals are not present, which means the ethernet will be unimplemented. The connector is mostly the same though. You can see the notch to the left of the picture above - this should not be there.

The JAE connector should work. The missing signals from the notch to the left of the connector are as follows: E1-10, E2-10, E3-1, E4-1. These are VCC and GND signals which are elsewhere on the connector. We can assume that the board connected is using a ground and power plane so this should not adversely affect operation.

Here's my link on Google Drive: MXM3.IntLib. You should be able to download it without already having Google Drive yourself. Google might try open it in Google Docs - I'm not sure why - but click on File -> Download and you will get the actual file!


  1. You saved me a lot of time! Thank you!

    1. I'm glad it worked out for you! I have an updated version which I will put up...