Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Improving Higgs plus Jets analyses through Fox-Wolfram Moments

The preprint with the title "Improving Higgs plus Jets analyses through Fox-Wolfram Moments" has appeared in the archive today. Among other things one can see a discussion on how the jet veto can be replaced by a moment pertaining to extra jet radiation.

The abstract can be found below:

"It is well known that understanding the structure of jet radiation can significantly improve Higgs analyses. Using Fox-Wolfram moments we systematically study the geometric patterns of additional jets in weak boson fusion Higgs production with a decay to photons. First, we find a significant improvement with respect to the standard analysis based on an analysis of the tagging jet correlations. In addition, we show that replacing a jet veto by a Fox-Wolfram moment analysis of the extra jet radiation almost doubles the signal-to-background ratio. Finally, we show that this improvement can also be achieved based on a modified definition of the Fox-Wolfram moments which avoids introducing a new physical scale below the factorization scale. This modification can reduce the impact of theory uncertainties on the Higgs rate and couplings measurements."

The link to the preprint is:


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