Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Description of the Test Beam Chamber

The Test Beam Chamber is currently divided into two separate areas. The table is currently in an area called the "garage". This area is next to the beam line and shielded from it by huge concrete blocks. This enables the table to be worked on in a safe area shielded from radiation. The table can be seen here parked in the "garage" with the concrete blocks behind it. The cables to the control room can be seen on the right, on a blue support arm, going up over the blocks.

Stan and Robert working in the "garage", on the table surface

The second area is where the table will be during the Test Beam. The concrete blocks will be removed and the table will be moved on steel "railway" tracks into the path of the beam.

The Beam Chamber

The concrete blocks can be seen on the right as well as the magnets through which the beam will travel. The blocks in the foreground are part of the beam dump components and will be removed prior to moving the table.

A view downstream, showing other experiments in the beam path

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