Thursday, 24 September 2015

Two weeks till Beam!

Things are frenetic, loads to do still, but definitely on track. Piecing together the Table and Control Room Safety Boxes is almost done. From measuring the placement of components,

Measurement for the placement of Control Box Components

to the finished fully wired Control Room Safety Box

Completed Front Panel
 and Table Safety Box

Proud Dean with newborn Box!

There is an Emergency Stop Box at each corner of the table, each one with a rotating LED flasher. There is also a Siren to alert everyone that the table is in motion.

Cabling is installed and testing of all the safety interlocks starts soon.

In the interim, testing of the harness for the installation of the extended barrel has been successful. First with a test load,

Test Load clearing the Ground

and then with the barrel.

Anxious moments as Test Barrel is Airborne!

The dismantling of the Caesium injection system attached to the extended barrel is complete and removal and installation of the barrel into the Beam Chamber is scheduled for Monday. Testing and refinement of the electronics and firmware elements can continue till then.

In the meantime, the installation of the drawer electronics, for the Long barrel already on the table, went ahead smoothly.

Irakli and Robert - concentration overload!

The Table motion control box is now in the Beam Chamber and Nikolay from Dubna is busy fine tuning the absolute encoder electronics. Table motion in all axis has been tested and works. Soft and hard limit switches have been tested and the Motion Control Box is ready for placement.

Nikolai fine tuning the Encoders

The Cooling System for the drawer power supplies has been tested and transported to the Beam Chamber. The mounting brackets for hanging it under the table are being finalised and installation under the table is imminent. The removal of the concrete shielding blocks separating the table "garage" and the beam line is also about to happen. This is good news as we can get parasitic beam to test the systems during next week.

Full speed ahead!

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