Tuesday, 15 September 2015

SA-CERN visit to help with preparation for ATLAS Beam Run

There are currently two University of the Witwatersrand members at CERN, Charles Sandrock and Oscar Kureba. Charles is the Chief Technical Manager at the School of Physics and Oscar is a Postdoc. We are shortly to be joined by a third member, Roman Hartman, an MSc Student. Preparations are far advanced for the Beam Run which starts on the 7th October 2015. Most of the background work has been done and the remaining tasks mainly involve the physical placement of the detectors and associated instrumentation in the Beam Line Chamber.

I will be detailing the work that I am currently involved with and posting some pictures to give an idea of the progress.

We are building a safety interlock for the motion control of the table on which the detector and associated electronics will be placed. To give an idea of the size of the table here are some photographs.

Project Leader Dean Shooltz at the corner of the Table

One of the Table motion control motors or "Escargot"

View of the Table from the top

The interlock is a system of switches, relays, push buttons, status lights, and a siren. To ensure maximum safety there are many redundancies and much duplication of wiring. Control of the motors can be via the Control Room or in the Beam Chamber itself. There are Emergency Stop push buttons on all four corners of the table as well as one in the Control Room. With  the size and weight of this table there can be no short-cuts.

Currently there is a Long Barrel Detector on the table, it can bee seen here.

Long Barrel already on top of Table

The idea is to place an Extended Barrel on top of the existing one. This will have to be moved into place with a harness supported by a mobile hoist. The Harness has just undergone testing.

First lift of Harness

One of the two Mobile Hoists in Beam Area

Parts for the Safety Interlock for the Table motion control arrived today. Work will begin assembling these tomorrow. Here is an "exploded" view of the system.

Components for the Safety Interlock Box

The Safety Interlock Box will be place in a rack in the Control Room. Currently the rack is sparsely populated. This will change rapidly.

Control Room instrumentation rack

There is a feeling of great excitement as each day unfolds and we get closer to the Beam switch on.

The saga continues ...............

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