Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The proceedings of the first High Energy Particle Physics Workshop in South Africa have just been published

The proceedings of the High Energy Particle Physics Workshop that took place at iThemba LABS - North, Johannesburg, February 11th-13th 2015 have just been published in IoP Conference Series on-line. The hard copies will be available soon to speakers, libraries, etc...

The HEPPW2015 is the first workshop in the country where South African students and young researchers get together to report on their research activities to the community. This includes theory, phenomenology, data analysis and instrumentation in collider physics. An emphasis is made in collider physics with CERN-related activities.

This workshop bears witness that the field of High Energy Particle Physics in the area of collider physics is getting established in South Africa.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

More on the Description of the Test Beam Chamber

The concrete shielding blocks are removed, providing clear access to the Beam Chamber from the "garage". This is done with the help of a huge mobile crane, manipulated with extreme precision by the operator. Control, lifting and moving of these huge objects has to be seen to be believed!

Tons hovering over the table, frightening!

 Another block launches

Quickly the path to the chamber is cleared. Safety first as the remaining access to the garage area is secured.

Heads up!

View from the garage as the table moves into the Beam Chamber


Beam Up!

Whew! It's been a hectic last week. Beam up on the 7th October as planned, after a lot of tense moments and hard work by all. The table, with the Extended Barrel in place, finally found its home in the Beam Chamber.

Cleared Space in the Beam Chamber

Extended Barrel in Place on top of the Long Barrel

Table moving into the Beam Chamber!

With the table in place, work could continue with the final checking of the electronics and testing the communications and date transfer. The amount of modules in the racks continued to grow. Connections between the NIM bins, VME crates and dedicated electronic systems multiplied.

 Rack Growth is almost organic

Included in that growth was the PPr emulator box, assembled by the Wits team. Very innocuous looking but the heart of the demonstrator electronics.

Front Panel of the PPr Emulator

A lot of work was also put into the set-up of the workstations for the Shift Workers. The "Shifters", as they are called, are a vital link, keeping an eye on all systems as the beam continues through a 24 hour cycle. Oscar and Roman are part of that team.

Roman at one of the Shifter's Workstations

Meetings every morning are a core part of the the process and are well attended. Lots of new ideas and solutions to immediate problems are addressed and then it's "Back to Work!"

Roman explaining latest progress

The Beam quality is apparently excellent, so the pressure is on to get the best possible results. There are some major issues that need addressing, however data collection has began and the signs are positive for a successful test beam!

 The Wits contingent!

More Later!