Friday, 17 June 2016

Finally, today we managed to connect all the necessary fibre cables from the Demonstrator module to the Trigger and Data Aquisition System (TDAQ) and took some partial data. In the picture below you will see me (Dingane Hlaluku, Wits University) covering up the barrel modules on top of the table at the Prevessin test beam area.

The Table with which the modules are hooked up can be 360 degrees both clockwise and anticlockwise and also laterally to suit the expert's requirements for data taking. This movement can be achieved in 2 ways viz. manually (see picture below) or remotely using python scripts. We have properly setup the positions which will be required for this test beam into the remote control machine as well today so that there will not be a need for shifters to be in the beam area during data taking.

The picture below shows the position of the beam chamber (Beam focused through that purple rectangular quadrilateral). The beam is kept focused whilst the table with the module is moved around. In the picture below is Andrew Matilton (University of Chicago).

Friday, 10 June 2016

After several  intense weeks of preparation, the demonstrator inside  the Module JINR65 finally makes it to the TB site.  We had   certainly few glitches  but you can see from the picture attached that  we were ready for everything and neither  a  flat tire    could have stopped us today. Moreover, it seems to works pretty well.  A couple of pictures depicting some of the action from today...

Standing next to the truck with the extended barrel module is Dingane Hlaluku in Building 175 where the module was assembled and tested and it is now being taken to the test beam site at Prevessin.

Dingane Hlaluku  (Wits) and Andrew Milton (University of Chicago) closing up the module after inserting the super drawers in Building 175.

Dingane Hlaluku connecting the Single Board Computer (SBC) and the Trigger and Timing Control unit (TTC) for the module's back end electronics. The SBC is responsible for communication between the back end electronics devices which are the TTC, Central Trigger Processing etc. The SBC is also responsible for reading out information.  

Dingane, Irakli and Jallal in building 175 inserting the Super Drawers into the Extended barrel module.