Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Shaking hands with the Minister Research Science and innovation of New Zealand, Dr. Megan Woods at Multicore World 2018

This week Multicore World 2018 takes place in Wellington, New Zealand. This conference is devoted to High Performance Computing and Big Data with emphasis on New Zealand's participation in the SKA:


Shook hands with the Honorable Minister Minister Research Science and innovation of New Zealand, Dr. Megan Woods. She is from a new labour government. She pledged to increase the contribution to R&D to the level of 2% in the midterm. She also took some tough questions.

During the second day Hon Clare Curran, Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media addressed the conference with a comprehensive presentation on the state of ICT in New Zealand. The minister has ambitious plans to turn ICT into a leading contributor to the GDP in the country. The Minister gave an overview of policies with regards to data access and dissemination in New Zealand. Social aspects related to education and access to data and connectivity are important inputs to policy making.

Very impressed with how down to earth and easy to interact with the Ministers with. The discussion with the audience was candid and open.